BayaMondo has an internal laboratory equipped with specific instrumentation, where specialised technicians constantly and directly check the incoming and outgoing products on site to guarantee high and constant quality standards over time.

Our internal laboratory allows us to provide products that perfectly meet customer requirements, with a guarantee of customisation, continuity and reliability and compliance with current regulations.

The internal laboratory deals with the complete characterisation of plastic materials through the determination of the physical, mechanical and chemical characteristics for each batch of material we process or produce.

Tests that we carry out with our laboratory instruments on the secondary raw materials and on the plastic granules produced:

  • Colour control and reproduction
  • Impact Resistance (IZOD – CHARPY)
  • Fluidity (MFI – MVR)
  • Thermal resistance (VICAT- HDT) and fire resistance (WFI-UL94)
  • Gloss (GLOSS)
  • Traction and flexion
  • Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) and Infrared Spectroscopy (IR)
  • Gravimetric analysis and ash/residue determinations